Holistic Health & Wellness Management (HHWM) Program for

Holistic Healthy Happy Successful Living

at all three levels – Physical, Subtle and Causal;
comprising the five sheaths – Food, Energy, Mind, Intellect and Memory, and beyond in Samaadhi

What is HHWM program?

The HHWM Program is based on India’s Vedic Knowledge, more specifically Yog and Ayurved, dating back to 5,000 years old Indus Valley Civilization. It is now duly validated by modern medical practitioners and scientific research, is above religious or national divide and well accepted worldwide. It entirely conforms to simple and logical scientific principles and easy to understand and practice.

To whom HHWM is applied?

To all, young and old, male and female, students and householders, Health professionals, paramedics, care givers, educationists, supervisors and higher level executives in factories, businesses and Corporate Houses who engage and interact with human resource on an ongoing basis.

How is HHWM course structured?

Week-long intensive residential workshops at many locations, including corporate locations on demand, which will empower you to continue daily practice at home. Thereafter, 3 more and more advanced week-long residential workshops held after a gap of minimum six months, test progress of your practice while at the same time, expose you to more advanced knowledge and practices, so that each time you get better and better established on the Yog Path.

Vision of HHWM program

To empower people with the most effective holistic health management system, totally non-intrusive, powered by natural energies, free from medicines and best of all, costs you only Willpower to persist with it. Many claim shortage of time due to busy life but do not realize that time invested in HHWM takes away all the uncertainties and confusions of daily issues, relieves you of all stresses and health related side-effects and thereby saves you hours of anxiety. You become extra rich in Time to enjoy Life’s.

Mission of HHWM program

HHWM should reach the masses by multiplier effect meaning everyone learning, regularly practicing and benefiting from this program can freely share experiences with his/her relatives, friends, co-workers and become Ambassadors of promoting natural health.

How it is different than other programs out there in the market?

HHWM is based on fundamentals of Yog and Ayurved sciences. Every individual attending it experiences the results firsthand in his/her own body and gets convinced about its 100% efficacy. HHWM is structured on scalability, modularity & flexibility of the program to suit individual needs. You become your own Guru and cannot be fooled by market forces.

What you get out of this program?

Become a well-informed and self-reliant person not just about your Health and Wellness but achieving excellence in actions of each and every part of your personality. You learn key elements of Pranayam and Meditation that are key to mental control, stress management and better decision making process.

Who are leading this program?

All the experts involved in this program have impeccable credentials, decades of experience and selfless commitment for spreading this vital knowledge to interest public for their Holistic Health and Wellness. A healthy happy peaceful person radiates these attributes all around him/her. The team is led by C.M. Bhandari, Former Ambassador of India, Author, Patron, Yog and Ayurved center in Poland (www.sulislaw.p), Founder: Devamber Arogya Dham, Ranikhet, Dist. Almora in Uttarakhand, enjoys Global reach and recognition.

Delivery of the above program is available in many formats and contents are tailor made to your needs. Some options are as follows:

  • Partly interactive introductory lectures of 2-3 hours duration.
  • Weekend program with active workout sessions, beginning with Friday evening introduction, full Saturday and finishing at noon time Sunday.
  • 1-week Beginners course (Sunday afternoon to Saturday forenoon).
  • 2 years HHWM course, four one-week residential sessions every six months in Semester framework. Sincere self-practice at home in the intervening periods is key to success of this program.
  • Online course.
  • Yog teachers training course (1 month duration after completing the 2-year HHWM course and minimum one year self-practice thereafter or at least 5 years regular practice as a Yog student).
  • Yog Retreats at Ranikhet with Village Tourism – one week (6 nights, Sunday-Saturday)
  • Health & Wellness rejuvenation program, one week duration (at Herakhan Ashram, Chilianaula, Ranikhet. It is located in a picturesque part of Himalaya, just 8 Kms from village Mawra. www.babajiayurveda.in).
  • Corporate Workshops/Conferences.
  • Housing Societies: on demand
  • College and University lectures, 5-day workshops of 2 hours durations each morning.
  • Exclusive Satsangs with C.M. Bhandari at his residence in Greater NOIDA or village retreat at Mawra, Ranikhet.