In Yoga Śakti book You’ll find:

  • An explanation of the theory of Yoga and presenting it as 500 years of universal education from Vedic period – about the true nature of the Soul (Aatman);
  • Description of the first four steps Yoga Sutra (Yoga sootra) by a master of Patanjali on the form and physical relaxation topic;
  • The belief that everyone, regardless of age, sex, race, creed or nationality, can take the science of Yoga and live in balanced and rich life;
  • The explanation that Yoga is not reserved for people who are willing to make sacrifices, knowing hermit life and follow gurus and swamis (Hindu priests), but may usefully be practiced by people in general;
  • Description of personal experiences of the author, who has a career in diplomacy, convinced even the skeptics that the practice of Yoga helps in achieving professional success, inner peace and happiness.